15 thing’s I’ve learnt since being in a healthy relationship.

1. It’s difficult to accept love.
2. It’s difficult to accept love because you’re not always used to it.
3. There is a massive difference between having sex and making love.
4. It’s possible to have your own interests.
5. If you can sit in silence with your partner and it’s not weird then it’s pretty damn great.
6. Actions show love greater than words ever could.
7. Romance doesn’t have to die.
8. If they love you they will buy your tampons without hesitation.
9. Looking forward together is better than looking at each other.
10. You don’t have to be in contact 24/7.
11. They will always take up most of the room in the bed.
12. They make you feel like you’re made of stars.
13. You can have friends without them getting jealous.
14. They will try to understand even if they can’t.
15. If they can’t fix the problem, they’ll be there with hugs to make it easier.
Because I can call you an asshole and you’ll call me a bitch right back. And I can annoy you by poking your arm and you’ll annoy me by making noises in my ear. And I’ll steal all the pillows from you and you’ll steal all the covers from me. That’s how I know our relationship works. I don’t have to worry about making you feel bad by calling you a name and you don’t have to worry about me telling you to stop annoying me. As for the sheets and pillows? Screw it. We always end up with nothing but each other anyways. Because I like how I don’t have to walk on egg shells around you and you like how I’m so easy going. Because we’re both just as weird, just as annoying and still inseparable. So go ahead call me a bitch again- you’re an asshole and frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
(what’s love- but only two people being able to get along through everything and anything- and yes that includes being sprayed with cold water.)